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Why Home Staging Is Important For Every Price Point

For many homeowners, selling their home can be quiet challenging and the first step is to treat it like an investment from the start of the selling process until SOLD. Getting the best value is every homeowner’s goal, but not many take the steps to make that goal more attainable. You’ve probably heard the quote “never assume you know your customer”, this goes for selling your home too, especially in New York and New Jersey! It can be difficult for you to change the look, feel and energy of your home because it’s the home you’ve personally created over the years. Our team of home staging pros live and breathe the latest trends in home-décor and home styles, architecture, & design. At any given price point there are different brackets of buyers, where some are willing to invest more than competing buyers. At Projekt3sixty, our #1 priority is to transform your home and attract high-quality buyers looking for their dream home and ready to make a great offer! Remember, your version of a dream home is most likely very different from your target homebuyers. Our unbiased and creative approach will re-inspire your home and increase your selling price!

A main advantage of staging, at every price point, is to give potential homebuyers the opportunity to imagine themselves living in the home. We have a track record of successfully decreasing the time it takes to draw-in quality offers while increasing the marketability of every client’s home.

Recent studies from the National Association of Realtors show that 75% of buyers’ agents concur that home staging services make it easier for potential homebuyer to envision it as their future home. Another added value of staging your home is it translates to a positive perception of how well the home’s been maintained over the years. One great way to grab a home buyer’s attention is to update the light fixtures and stage furniture that brings the most out of each space.

Projekt3sixty understands that a major hurdle for homebuyers, is to see the life they would have in a new home when there are many souvenirs and furniture from the owner’s travels… and possible overly eccentric tastes in home décor. Instead, we can arrange creative home accessories and furniture pieces that will charm a specific pool of buyers and highlight unique spaces of every home. For example, as more people telecommute and require home offices, our team can re-imagine a unique nook in your home with a well-matched desk, to help homebuyers visualize themselves working from home in the exact space.

You may already appreciate why staging a home is a smart choice when selling but you may be astonished at how much staging a home in New Jersey can elevate the selling price. In our experience staging homes in the Tri-state market, we’ve witnesses staged homes sell for 5% to 30% more than a home that has not been staged professionally.

If you’re a numbers person, fire-up your trusty calculator app and tally the numbers: Imagine your home is listed in the market at $875,000. An effective home staging project could expand the price by an extra $43,750 to $250,000. Your home is your investment, so why shouldn’t you position yourself to earn the largest return?

Unless you’ve never used the internet, then you understand it’s a fact, the first place someone will see your listing is online through home buying websites and realtor’s social media groups. When Projekt3sixty stages a client’s home, we remain focused on showing the most appealing home in our professional photos and video tours, culminating in impeccable and gorgeous images that make the best impression. Every realtor knows it’s a numbers game: More showings means more offers, and in the end a higher closing price. Lately people are house-hunting online more than ever and buyers are making decisions based on the “look and feel” of what they are shown. So, let’s create a story that will truly inspire homebuyers and have a them say, “This is THE one!”

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